Collection: HOLSTER

HOLSTER is our sci-fi spin on a classic simple dildo. It features a smaller base which makes it perfect for a strap-on harness however works just as well as a normal dildo. For extra options, we offer a suctioncup base ✨ This model can be ridden, but will not be as stable as our models with a wider base.

Compared to our other models, it has softer and less texture, ideal for beginners or someone more sensitive ✨

Although simple, this model is not boring. It’s covered in a fishnet texture which makes it feel like you are holding a snake! (This is not felt during use). The head and upper cables are just big enough to feel a change in shape and gives a great stimulation together with the curve of the toy.

Soft texture. Strap-on harness not included.

Designed by Cameraman (@cameraman3585 on twitter)

Usable lenght: 18cm / 7 inches
Full lenght: 21cm / 8.2 inches
Maximum circumfence: 12cm / 4.7 inches