Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What does "firmness" mean?

A: Firmness is how soft/firm the silicone is. 

We currently offer Soft (00-30), Medium (00-50) / Medium Near Clear (00-45) and Firm (A25). 

The numbers in brackets refer to where they are on the 00 and A shore hardness scale. Here is a full chart. 

  • Soft - firmness similar to soft body tissue. 
  • Medium - firmness similar to unflexed muscle. (Good for beginners)
  • Firm - firmness similar to flexed muscle.

Q: What is a flop?

A: Flops are toys that have imperfections. They can range from a colour flop (where the intended pour did not turn out quite right), air bubbles, small bumps from mould and uneven finish. These models are still just as usable and are sold at a reduced price.

Click here to check out our available flops.


Q: How long do I have to wait for my order?

A: Our pre-made order takes 1-5 processing days to be shipped. Custom or made to order models can take up to 4 weeks to be processed.

The shipping time will vary depending on where you order from. Here is an estimate:

  • Czech Republic 2-4 working days. 
  • EU 4-14 working days. 
  • United States 10-17 working days. 
  • Oceania 10-17 working days. 
  • Rest of the world 12-20 working days. 


Q: How do you package my order?

A: All models are washed, wrapped in tissue paper and packaged in a plain unmarked cardboard box with MW marked as sender. International shipments will be labeled as "Silicone Sculpture" on the customs form.


Q: Can I order a custom toy?

A: Yes! We love to take your unique ideas and make them come alive.

You can find further information on how to request a custom color on our custom order page.

Q: What are your toys made of?

A: All of our models are made using 100% body safe platinum cure silicone from Smooth-On. To colour the toys we combine silicone pigments and cosmetic mica powders.

This means that they are easy to clean and sanitize, and will last very long if you follow the care instructions.


Q: How do I take care of my new toy?

A: When receiving your new friend, give it a proper wash with warm water and soap. All our models are cleaned before shipping, but they will need thorough cleaning before use to remove any leftover mold release or dust from traveling.

Alternatively, you can sanitize the toy by boiling it in water for 10 minutes or soaking in a 1% bleach solution.

Caution: Do not boil bleach.

For everyday cleaning you can use a special toy cleaner or an unscented soap without silicones. Remember to always clean your toys before and after use. This is extra important with our models due to the highly textured surface as bacterias can more easily build up. 


Q: What lubes should I use with your toys?

A: We only recommend using water-based and oil-based lubes. Silicone or hybrid silicone lubes can cause damage to the toy. 


Q: How do I store my toy?

A: We recommend storing your toys separately in a satin, silk or cotton pouch. If you are going to store multiple toys together, please make sure that all toys are made from 100% body-safe  high quality silicone. Materials such as PVC, non-platinum cure silicone, “jellies” and rubbers can damage our toys.

If you are going to store your model out for display, please practice weekly cleaning in addition to before and after use to keep dust and hair off.

Got any more questions, send them to us here